Ontario Premier Doug Ford is planning to build new gas-fired power plants and ramp up the greenhouse gas pollution of the province’s gas plants by more than 300% by 2030 and by more than 700% by 2043.

This plan is a clear and unequivocal threat to Canada’s ability to meet its Paris Agreement climate targets. It will cancel out 60% of the pollution reduction benefits Ontario achieved by phasing out its dirty coal-fired power plants.

We need the federal government to help the people of Ontario by implementing strong Clean Electricity Regulations that will stop the construction of new gas plants and phase-out existing ones by 2030. This is vital to Canada meeting its international climate targets for the first time.

The federal government will be doing the people of Ontario a favour by passing Clean Electricity Regulations with real teeth.

Please send Prime Minister Trudeau, Environment and Climate Change Minister Guilbeault, and coalition partner NDP leader Jagmeet Singh a message about the need to use strong Clean Electricity Regulations to spur critical climate action in Ontario.