We’ve said it a thousand times: energy conservation and improved efficiency are the cheapest ways to meet our energy needs and the fastest way to lower greenhouse gas emissions.  And the government listened!
In its discussion paper outlining a new approach to energy conservation, the government says it now sees the value of saving energy before spending more of your money on power supply projects.  This is a real reversal for a province that has always treated conservation as an afterthought. 
But, we’ve heard talk about giving conservation more respect before, so this time we need to make sure the government walks its talk.  We need you to send a message supporting putting conservation first by putting in place the nitty gritty policies that will make this happen, including:
  •  Directing the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) that putting conservation first is a government priority that the board must support in its decision making
  •  Directing the OEB to make improving its customers’ efficiency the most profitable course of action for our electric and gas utilities.

These simple steps will help to entrench this important new priority for the province, one that puts improving our still lagging energy efficiency ahead of nuclear mega projects and other energy boondoggles. We’ll all benefit with lower bills, more comfortable homes, a healthier environment and more competitive businesses. 

Click here to read the OCAA’s full submission on the government’s conservation discussion paper.