Our big chance to close Pickering

Hydro Quebec is offering Ontario enough water power to keep the lights on in close to a million homes at a very low price (6.12 cents per kWh). That is 30% less than the fuel and operating costs of the Pickering Nuclear Plant (9 cents).

But it seems that our political leaders think the people of Pickering, Ajax, Scarborough and Toronto would rather keep one of the world’s oldest and largest nuclear stations running in their backyard, rather than take what Quebec is offering.

While Premier Wynne is attempting to negotiate an expanded water power deal with Quebec, her Minister is saying it’s not about replacing nuclear. Opposition Leader Patrick Brown says we have no need for Quebec power and should keep North America’s most expensive to operate nuclear plant running for another six years or more.

It seems they think the people who have had this dangerous and aging plant operating in their community for close to half a century now should be happy to continue accepting tritium releases, the stockpiling of radioactive waste (14,000 tonnes and counting) and the ever-present threat of a major accident – despite the presence of a lower cost, renewable option.

Mr. Brown, in particular, has made a number of head shaking claims about the benefits of continuing to operate Pickering, including that it is a lower cost option and somehow lower risk than clean Quebec water power. 

It is true that Ontario Power Generation (OPG) currently sells the power produced at Pickering at a big loss — about $1 billion a year. But guess who owns OPG? You do, and those losses are coming out of your pocket. Even OPG sees that this is not sustainable and has asked the Ontario Energy Board for a whopping 180% increase in the price it is paid for nuclear power. 

If you think your community would be better off without an aging and trouble prone nuclear station in its midst, and if you think we should tap into Quebec water power instead, then please share your thoughts with Premier Wynne and Patrick Brown today.

Email Premier Wynne at premier@ontario.ca or leave a phone message at 416-325-1941.

Email Patrick Brown at patrick.brownco@pc.ola.org or leave a phone message at 416-325-0445.

They need to hear from you. Thank you for speaking up now!

Let's do the math

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director