Burning natural gas is Ontario’s second largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (after transportation).In 2012, natural gas consumption was responsible for approximately 30% of our GHG emissions. But despite the Ontario government’s commitment to putting Conservation First when it comes to using natural gas (and electricity), the Ontario Energy Board has released a gas conservation framework with many serious flaws, including:

  • Arbitrary conservation program spending caps
  • No incentives for utilities to maximize their conservation efforts
  • The removal of incentives for large industrial users to reduce their gas use

Our factsheet examines the flaws in the OEB’s approach and looks at how this plan can be better aligned with the Government’s efforts to meet greenhouse gas emission targets while saving Ontario homes and businesses money.

Union Gas to double budget while slashing gas savings

The OEB’s new rules have already led to a proposal by Union Gas to double its conservation budget but save only half as much gas as in previous programs.  Read more about this regressive direction in our factsheet examining Union’s proposal.