November 18, 2010

Our fiscally prudent strategy to lower electricity bills

Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan’s announced this afternoon a $1.1 billion per year taxpayer-financed subsidy for the consumption of dirty coal-fired and high-cost nuclear power. But merely reducing electricity prices masks the true costs of producing electricity. Here is our sustainable and fiscally prudent strategy to lower electricity bills.

Put the pedal to the metal on improving energy efficiency: Ontario’s demand for electricity has fallen by 7% since 2006, but our electricity consumption per person is still 35% higher than New York State’s. We can do a lot more to save consumers money by reducing electricity waste.

End blank cheques for nuclear projects: No green or clean power producer gets to pass capital cost overruns onto consumers like the nuclear industry does. It’s time to end blank cheque spending on wildly expensive nuclear projects. We must refuse to let Ontario Power Generation (OPG) max out our collective credit card to pay for the inevitable multi-billion dollar cost overruns on its proposed Darlington Re-Build project.

Import more hydro power from Quebec: Under federal rules, Quebec must offer Ontario electricity for the same price it gets from its American customers. Last year that was 6.5 cents per kWh, less than a third the price of power from a rebuilt Darlington Station. Current transmission capacity is sufficient to import enough electricity from Quebec to provide power equal to more than three-quarters of Darlington’s output – with no radioactive waste.

Instead of applying costly band-aids to electricity bills, we need to implement the following real solutions to controlling electricity costs.

Please email Finance Minister Dwight Duncan and urge him to:

a) invest massively in energy efficiency and conservation programs,

b) tell OPG that it will not be allowed to pass its Darlington Re-Build cost overruns onto consumers and taxpayers, and

c) import more hydro electricity from Quebec.

Thank you for your help to usher in lower cost green electricity.

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director
Ontario Clean Air Alliance
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Phone: 416-926-1907 ext. 246
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