All of the candidates for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, with the exception of Patrick Brown, are opposed to a carbon tax. But they haven’t told us how they will ensure that Ontario meets its critically important greenhouse gas [GHG] reduction goals.

Two options would be to increase our energy productivity (conservation and efficiency) and import water power from Quebec. The good news is that, because these GHG reduction options are so low cost, they will also reduce our electricity bills. Importing water power would also reduce the need to use gas-fired power plants to back up nuclear reactors (which are offline 17-30% of the time) and reduce the use of natural gas for supplying power in peak periods. Meanwhile, according to a report prepared for the Independent Electricity System Operator, we can reduce our electricity demand by a further 33% by 2035 at a rock bottom cost while simultaneously reducing GHG emissions.

So we have asked the PC leadership candidates: “Should the Government of Ontario seek to negotiate a long-term electricity supply contract with Hydro Quebec to lower our electricity rates?”

Unfortunately, none of the candidates have responded to our questionnaire. So please contact them and ask them if they believe that the Government of Ontario should say “yes” to Hydro Quebec’s offer to sell us water power at one-third the cost of re-building our aging nuclear reactors.

And cc. me:

Thanks for making the time! Every letter makes a difference.

Angela Bischoff, Director



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