In response to our last bulletin about the decrease in peak electricity demand, we’ve received a number of responses asking what impact the weather or other factors may have had on these results. (Some of these responses were inadvertently sent out via our email alert list — we apologize for that.)

We made no adjustments to the electricity demand figures we used in our last bulletin — they are a straight year-over-year comparison. And while they do not account for the 2007 peak day being somewhat cooler than the 2006 peak demand day, they also do not take into account a number of factors that we would expect to increase demand, including population growth, economic growth and a steady increase in the use of air conditioning.

In fact, Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) reports that the 2007 peak day demand was also lower than peak day demand in the summer of 2005. According to Terry Young of the IESO, “It’s still clear that conservation is playing a role in keeping demand down. More and more (conservation) programs by local distribution companies are being implemented and they’re getting results.”

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