November 17, 2009

PeakBusters Win-Win-Win

Sudbury Hydro, Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro and PowerStream are the 2009 winners of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance’s PeakBusters Contest for achieving the largest percentage increases in peaksaver installations in the small, medium and large electric utility categories. Congratulations!

The peaksaver program allows utilities to reduce the output of air conditioning units during periods of peak electricity demand on hot summer days, thereby reducing the need to operate dirty coal fired power plants when air quality is often at its worst.

To discover your utility’s percentage increase in peaksaver installations please click here.

We’d also like to congratulate the 24 residential winners of our 2009 PeakBusters contest – each winner received a $200 gift certificate to a store of their choice.

To install a peaksaver unit on your air conditioner, contact your local electric utility. It’s free, and in some cases they pay you!

Province wide, however, still only roughly 160,000 of a potential 2 million residential and small business customers have now enrolled in peaksaver. That means we still have a long way to go in implementing this simple but highly effective energy conservation program, which could make a substantial contribution to phasing out coal power in Ontario.

1-Minute Action: We can do much better! Please email Ontario’s new Energy Minister, Gerry Phillips, at (please bcc me) and ask him to provide our utilities with the funding they need to hire students to go door-to-door to enroll a million new peaksaver participants in 2010. Green jobs for youth! We can reduce our energy demand, create meaningful employment, and meet our international climate commitments. Let’s get to it!

Thank you.

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