The McGuinty Government is moving forward with establishing a legally binding deadline for an end to coal burning for electricity in Ontario. The government has now posted a draft regulation on the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) Registry setting a legally enforceable deadline of Dec. 31, 2014 for an end to coal use in this province. Which is very good news.

However, the draft regulation sets no interim targets for reducing coal use before the final 2014 deadline. That’s something that can and must be fixed: the McGuinty government has already managed to cut coal use by 32% between 2003 and 2006 and the Ontario Power Authority is forecasting that we will need coal for less than 1% of our electricity needs in 2010. Therefore, there is no compelling reason not to include firm interim reduction targets in the shutdown regulation.

It is absolutely critical that all of you and everyone you know uses the 30-day EBR comment period to let the government know that you strongly support a legally binding phase-out deadline and interim reduction targets. This is a tremendous opportunity to get the coal phase out back on track, but even the 2014 deadline is likely to be opposed by the Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario (e.g., Dow Chemical, Imperial Oil, Inco).

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and tell the government that:

* You strongly support a legally binding coal phase-out deadline
* You also want to see legally binding requirements for interim annual reductions in coal use.

You can learn more about the draft coal phase-out regulation in our new factsheet: Coal phase-out regulation: Finishing the job available on our website at

If you have any problems with the link above, the EBR registry number for the regulation posting is 010-0945. Simply go to and enter this number. You can submit comments online by clicking the “Submit comment” button in the right-hand margin on the draft regulation page.

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