August 17, 2006

 Phasing-out coal — for real

The McGuinty government’s decision to park the coal phase-out on the back burner while it pursues the construction of multi-billion dollar nuclear plants will cost us the air we breathe while further destabilizing our climate:

  • We will face a decade or more of continued noxious smog-building emissions from the giant Nanticoke and Lambton coal plants – the No. 1 and No. 2 air polluters in Ontario.
  • Ontario will be unable to meet its Kyoto targets for greenhouse gas reductions and instead will allow coal plants to continue to pump out millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions for years (or even decades) to come.
  • Ontario will have to ignore the mercury reduction targets for 2010 under the draft Canada Wide Standard for Mercury, leaving pregnant women and young children particularly at risk.

We need to ensure that all of our political leaders quickly hear that this is simply not acceptable for a province as smart and prosperous as Ontario. 

The provincial government has just called a by-election in the Toronto riding of Parkdale-High Park.  This is an excellent opportunity for all of us – whether you live in the riding or not – to get the message out about the importance of clean air and putting the brakes on climate change.

That’s why we are asking (for only the second time in the history of the OCAA) for your financial support.  We need funds to help inform voters in this riding about the harmful consequences of coal-fired generation and about our solutions that would quickly get the coal phase-out back on track.

Your financial support will allow us to distribute information on the benefits of phasing-out coal and moving to a clean, green energy future and, most importantly of all, can help get clean air back on the government’s agenda.  Please consider making a contribution right now through our secure Paypal page at

Currently, groups like the Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario (AMPCO –e.g., Imperial Oil, St. Marys Cement, PetroCanada) have grabbed the government’s ear with their aggressive lobbying for subsidized, dirty power.  We need to make sure the government hears an equally strong message from voters who don’t want to pay for AMPCO’s dirty power with lousy air quality and rapidly accelerating climate change.  Please make a contribution so that we can make our voice heard in Parkdale–High Park and at Queen’s Park.

What you can do to help get the coal phase-out back on track:

  • If you live in Parkdale-High Park, ask candidates for a firm date for when their party would phase-out coal and whether they support the immediate conversion of Nanticoke’s boilers to cleaner burning natural gas.
  • Make a financial donation to support our critically important campaign to get the coal phase-out back on track
  • Volunteer to help with pamphlet distribution and other activities during the by-election – email if you can help.
  • Look at what you can do personally to reduce your demand for coal-fired electricity at

For more information on how Ontario can phase-out coal and move to a clean, green electricity system in a generation, please visit

Please pass this message on to your friends.

Thank you

Jessica Fracassi
Communications & Membership Manager
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