The aging Pickering Nuclear Station is surrounded by more residents than any other nuclear plant in North America. Today, we would never build a nuclear plant right in the middle of a fast-growing urban area. Meanwhile, inadequate emergency planning has left the millions of residents living near the Pickering Station highly vulnerable in the event of major accident at the 5th largest nuclear power station in North America.







Here’s another way of looking at it:



Are you in the zone?

Check this map to see if you are located within the 30 km. high-risk zone around the Pickering Nuclear Plant. Anyone living within 50 kilometres of the Pickering or Darlington Nuclear plants (all of Toronto, Pickering, Ajax and Oshawa) can now request KI (potassium iodide) anti-radiation pills from OPG.   Of course, the better answer is to close the old and dangerous Pickering Plant before we need to take emergency measures.