Why take the risk? That is the message we are trying to get out to people across the GTA about continuing to operate the aging Pickering Nuclear Station. Why take the risk of an accident that could leave 650,000 residents homeless and 26,000 battling cancer?

Why take the risk of big rate increases to cover the costs of continuing to operate one of world’s oldest nuclear stations?

Most importantly, why not sign a deal with Quebec to import much lower cost water power and continue to build lower cost and lower risk renewable generation right here in Ontario?

Close Pickering billboardOver the next few months, we will be spreading these messages through a multi-media campaign with the aim of getting our political leaders to wake up and smell the coffee on this issue. We’ve kicked this effort off with a hard hitting radio ad and billboards. But to get action, we need to keep spreading the message until it hits home – at the ballot box. You can help us make some noise by contributing to this campaign (sorry, the nature of this advocacy campaign means we cannot issue charitable tax receipts).

Of course, we will be basing our campaign on the same sort of in-depth research that we have always relied on to move the needle on big issues, such as our just released A Fukushima-level Nuclear Accident at Pickering report. We’re working on one now about the nuclear waste onsite.

Your support allows us to produce this hard-hitting messaging on issues the nuclear industry (and the government) don’t want to talk about. So please support our efforts and let’s close Pickering in 2018!

Thank you!

Angela Bischoff, Director

P.S. I was published in NOW Magazine this week: Hacking of Ontario’s nuclear plants “a very serious question,” says Premier and our recent report was covered last week by the Toronto Star: Report paints grim picture of Fukushima-scale nuclear accident in Pickering.

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Tell the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission & our elected leaders know that you want ...safer storage for this waste!

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Please sign our letter asking Natural Resources Minister @JonathanWNV to step in & order the Canadian Nuclear ...Safety Commission @CNSC_CCSN to take proper precautionary measures to protect our safety: http://ow.ly/S3S150MypmS