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The 45-year-old Pickering Nuclear Station has more people living within 30 kilometres of its eight reactors than any other nuclear plant in North America – way more. This old plant has a troubled history of safety and performance problems and is currently operating beyond its “design lifetime.”
Population around Pickering Nuclear StationPickering is also one of the costliest nuclear stations to operate in North America. Closing it could save us $900 million a year in electricity costs.

Today, Ontario has a large electricity surplus – in 2015, we exported more electricity than Pickering produced, so there is no need to keep this dangerous dinosaur operating.

Construction on the Pickering station began in the early 1960s, and it has a number of serious design flaws, including no secondary fast shutdown system and shared containment for multiple reactors. Two of its reactors were deemed not worth fixing in the 1990s after a scathing safety review of the plant, but the remaining six struggle on.  Pickering is currently the fourth oldest nuclear plant in North America and the seventh oldest in the world.

Since Pickering began operating in the early 1970s, a large urban area has grown up around it — there are now 2 million people living within 30 kilometres of the plant. No one would put one of the continent’s largest nuclear plants in this location today and no government should be seeking to keep such a dangerous plant operating so near to so many people. Alarmingly, however, the Wynne Government has said it wants to keep Pickering operating until 2024!

The right thing to do is to close Pickering when its licence expires in 2018 and proceed with immediate decommissioning of its radioactive remains. This step will save money, create thousands of jobs and provide a better transition for workers and the community, while increasing safety for everyone who lives and works in the GTA.

Sign our petition to close the Pickering Nuclear Station in 2018 and tell your friends and family to sign too!

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Angela Bischoff
Outreach Director

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