According to new opinion polling conducted for the OCAA, a large majority of residents in Scarborough, Pickering and Ajax oppose OPG’s plan to keep the Pickering Nuclear Station running until 2024.

By a ratio of almost 2:1, residents in these areas said they do not want to see the 46-year-old plant continue operating for another six years.

When told that Ontario has been offered power by Quebec at a cost that is roughly two-thirds of Pickering’s operating costs alone, support for closing the aging plant became overwhelming: 82% of those polled thought it made more sense to import power from Quebec than to keep Pickering running.

Support for closing Pickering was highest among Liberal (86%), NDP (90%) and Green (100%) supporters, but even a very large majority of PC (71%) voters supported closing the plant if lower cost replacement power was available.

Millennials (18-34 age group) strongly opposed (89%) continuing to operate Pickering. Obviously, a legacy of radioactive waste and more debt is unappealing to a generation that well understands the power of renewable technologies.

Of course, our poll simply proves that the people of the eastern GTA are sensible. Why keep an old and dangerous nuclear station operating in the heart of your community, especially when there are lower-cost and safer options available?

But that’s a message our Premier and PC Party Leader Patrick Brown still don’t seem to be getting. Please send them a brief message urging them to join with the majority in supporting safer and more cost effective power solutions:,  Thank you for making the time.

The OCAA poll was conducted by Oracle Research in early September. Its margin of error is 4.4%, 19 times out of 20.

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director