New leaflet

People in Ontario use 50% more energy per person than their neighbours in New York State. That’s a big gap that can’t be explained away by a colder climate or other factors – the bottom line is that we are simply much more wasteful in our energy use.

We need to close that gap to save money, make our businesses and industries more competitive, and avoid the multi-billion dollar cost – and risks – of new nuclear and gas plants. It’s time for Ontario to get serious about energy efficiency by making it the first choice for meeting our needs, whether it’s a warm house or a cold beer.

Energy efficiency must no longer play second fiddle to expensive and inflexible generation projects like rebuilding aging nuclear reactors or expanding our fleet of gas plants. Places like New York, Vermont and California have proven that efficiency works and that it is the cheapest and most environmentally positive way to meet our energy needs. Ontario needs to get with the program for the health of our environment and our economy.

Premier Wynne needs to hear from you that maximizing efficiency – at an average cost of just 3 cents per kilowatt hour – makes much more sense than investing tens of billions of dollars in costly nuclear and gas projects. You can help get the message out by distributing our great new pamphlet to your friends, family and co-workers and by sending a letter to the Premier today.

It’s critical that we convince the Premier to move in this new direction: Already, Ontario Power Generation has signed contracts with SNC-Lavalin and others totalling $1 billion to rebuild its aging Darlington Nuclear Station. If this white-elephant project proceeds it will cost up to $35 billion and drive our electricity bills through the roof. Tell the Premier we need a new more economically sound approach – today!

You can find out more about how Ontario will benefit by investing in efficiency in our Power of Efficiency website section.

Thank you.

– Angela Bischoff

P.S. Click here now to order multiple copies of our new leaflet: Premier Wynne can lower your energy bills. They’re free! And please distribute them to your friends, neighbours and co-workers.