August 30, 2006

 Prizes, prizes and more prizes

We are now entering the homestretch of our Go Clean and Green contest and getting ever closer to that big day when we will give away $1,000 worth of green power, a solar hot water system and a truckload of great energy saving appliances (including gas stoves, clothes dryers, water heaters and grills and an EnergyStar clothes washer and refrigerator) . 

This week we have our final monthly prize draw for three iPod nanos and a couple of $100 blocks of green power.  The deadline for recording points for the August monthly draw is Thursday midnight, so take the next couple of days to take energy savings actions and record them in your personal action account.  Send an e-postcard, change another lightbulb, plant a tree and earn critical points –- we had a couple of folks who missed winning an iPod nano or Bullfrog green power by just one or two points last month!

We now have three confirmed winners for the July prize draw: Wendy Fletcher of Toronto,  Robert Graham of Bowmanville and Gerri Mirkin of Toronto are now all enjoying their new iPods.

Meanwhile, the close to 2,000 participants in the Go Clean and Green contest are doing a great job of demonstrating just how much the average person can do to reduce their energy use and resulting smog and climate change emissions.  In total, our contestants have now racked up more than 81,000 points, and every point counts when you consider that over a relatively cool summer, Ontario has still managed to record 34 smog days to date. 

So help clear the air while increasing your chances of winning one of our fantastic contest prizes.

Go Clean and Green and be an energy winner today!

Please pass this message on to your friends.

Thank you

Jessica Fracassi
Communications & Membership Manager
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