March 20, 2006

Public meeting: Energy conservation vs. nuclear power

The Ontario government is gearing up to make a decision on whether it should build new nuclear power plants based on the flawed and incomplete preliminary report from the Ontario Power Authority.   According to the Sierra Club of Canada, when California was faced with a shortage of power, it turned to conservation and efficiency and reduced its demand for electricity by 10% and plans to eliminate 45%-60% of future growth in demand through efficiency measures. 

The Sierra Club is bringing three experts, who engineered California’s great conservation success, to Toronto to share their experience and knowledge. They will take part in a public meeting with Sierra Club Executive Director Elizabeth May on Tuesday, March 21 at 6:30 p.m. in the Toronto City Hall Council Chamber.  All are welcome.

“These experts can show Ontario how to avoid wasting billions on power plants,” said Dan McDermott, Director of the Ontario Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Dr. Arthur H. Rosenfeld, California Energy Commissioner, heads the California delegation. Joining him will be the Manager of the Demand Response Program at the California Energy Commission, Michael Messenger and Steven McCarty, Director of Demand Side Policy, Planning and Analysis of the state’s largest privately owned utility, Pacific Gas and Electric. 

For more information, please contact Jamie Kirkpatrick of the Sierra Club.  Telephone: 416-960-9606; Email:

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