Thank you for signing the Close-Pickering petition.

On Monday December 12th at 7 p.m. we will ask Pickering City Council to request the Province of Ontario to direct Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to develop a plan to immediately dismantle and decommission the Pickering Nuclear Station after it is shutdown.

Immediate dismantling and decommissioning after the Pickering Nuclear Station is shutdown will create the following benefits:

  • More than 32,000 person-years of direct and indirect employment;
  • A revitalized Pickering Waterfront; and
  • Higher residential property values for Pickering residents.

Mississauga has big plans for the site of the old Lakeview coal stationIn contrast, OPG’s planned approach is deferred decommissioning – the reactors are put in a state of “safe shutdown” and are left idle for 30 years or more before being dismantled. Under OPG’s proposed approach the decaying Pickering Nuclear Station will remain on the Pickering waterfront until 2070 or beyond. Let’s be clear: OPG’s preferred approach is about saving the company money, not safety

What you can do:

1. Please contact the Mayor of Pickering and Councillors and ask them to support our request for the immediate dismantling and decommissioning of the Pickering Nuclear Station after it is shutdown.

 2. Attend the Monday, Dec. 12th, Pickering City Council meeting at City Hall at 7 p.m. to show your support for our request.

 3. Make a delegation to Pickering City Council on December 12th to support our request. After filling the fields with your name etc, select: “Council” meeting, “yes” it is on the agenda, and the date is “12/12/2016”.

 4. Encourage your friends to sign the petition to Close Pickering.

For more Information:

a) Here is our letter to Pickering City Council on the benefits of immediately dismantling and decommissioning the Pickering Nuclear Station.

b) Here you can see the City of Mississauga’s plan to revitalize their waterfront by transforming the former site of the Lakeview Coal-Fired Generating Station into a world class, destination urban waterfront community – let’s do this in Pickering sooner rather than later!

c) Here is Maine Yankee’s two page fact sheet which describes how they completely dismantled and decommissioned their nuclear station within 8 years of its shutdown.

d) The Torrie Smith Associates report on the multiple benefits of immediately dismantling and decommissioning the Pickering Nuclear Station.

If I can be of any assistance, don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to seeing you at Pickering’s City Council meeting on Dec. 12th. Please pass this message on to your friends and neighbours.

Thank you!

Angela Bischoff

Outreach Director

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