The David Suzuki Foundation, Equiterre and the Ontario Clean Air Alliance are calling on the Government of Canada to invest in electricity transmission system upgrades that will allow increased electricity trade between Quebec and Ontario.

Increased integration of the two provinces’ electricity systems can lead to lower electricity rates and greenhouse gas emissions for Ontario and higher export revenues for Quebec. It will also allow Hydro Quebec’s huge water power reservoirs to be used like a giant battery to convert Ontario’s intermittent solar and wind power into a firm 24/7 source of electricity for Ontario consumers.

This is the kind of infrastructure investment that can lower our climate impact, create new economic opportunities, and help our provinces work together to achieve their climate goals.

Simply put, Quebec has the power Ontario needs: Low-cost clean water power that can replace a significant share of the power coming from our aging reactors with no radioactive waste, massive cost overruns or reliability concerns.

Quebec has a growing surplus of power available for export, but currently has limited options for increasing the power it sends to its traditional markets in the U.S. Northeast. Working with Ontario is a way for Quebec to sell more power and increase the revenues it earns from its exports. In fact, one of the province’s biggest assets is its conservation potential. By improving its energy efficiency, Quebec can free up billions of additional kilowatt hours for export.

Helping two major provinces develop better linkages can only make Canada stronger. The federal government can make building a new transmission intertie between Ontario and Quebec the first step in creating a stronger east-west electricity grid.

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Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director