Quebec produces some of the lowest cost electricity in North America, right on Ontario’s doorstep.
By bringing in renewable water power from Quebec instead of rebuilding our aging nuclear reactors, Ontario can save more than $1 billion a year on its electricity costs. That means consumers and businesses will save too, with lower bills and more reliable power.
Existing transmission lines between our two provinces can carry enough electricity to replace almost all of the power produced by the Darlington Nuclear Station. And Quebec has power to spare: It will soon have almost twice as much power as Darlington produces available for export.
With Quebec exporting power for as little as 4 cents per kWh, it makes no sense to spend tens of billions of dollars re-building the Darlington Nuclear Station. Even Ontario Power Generation’s optimistic estimates tell us that nuclear electricity will cost twice as much as hydro power from Quebec, and the real cost of re-building Darlington will be much greater. It’s not worth the risk when we have a safer, lower-cost and renewable electricity supply solution right
next door.