Quebec power breakthrough

According to Quebec newspaper La Presse, Ontario and Quebec are on the cusp on signing a major new power import agreement. If the agreement goes ahead as planned, Ontario will buy eight terawatt hours of renewable electricity from Quebec every year for the next 20 years – enough power to serve the needs of close to a million homes in Ontario.

This is exciting news for the people of Ontario, who stand to benefit from the expanded import of low-cost Quebec water power. La Presse reports that Ontario will pay just over 6 cents per kilowatt hour for this power – a bargain compared to 9 cents to extend Pickering, or 16.5 cents to rebuild Darlington.

We congratulate Premier Wynne and Energy Minister Glen Thibeault for acting on the tremendous opportunity to lower electricity costs in Ontario by tapping into our neighbour’s huge supply of low-cost power .

This deal is still far from maxing out both Quebec’s supply of low-cost power and Ontario’s ability to import such clean, green power. But it is a big step and paves the way for expanded imports in the future.

With this agreement in place, there will be even less reason to keep the old and dangerous Pickering Nuclear Station operating in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area. The government’s next step should be to order Ontario Power Generation to shut down North America’s fourth oldest nuclear plant in 2018 when its licence expires.

Please send the Premier and the Minister a note thanking them for pursuing a deal for clean, low-cost power with Quebec.

Thank you.

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director