June 4, 2014

Right idea, wrong target

In last night’s provincial election debate, PC Leader Tim Hudak pointed to the availability of low-cost, water power from Quebec as a way of reducing Ontario electricity bills. Unfortunately Mr. Hudak said that water power imports should be used to replace made-in-Ontario green power instead of high-cost nuclear.
Mr. Hudak has embraced the right solution, but the wrong target. Nuclear energy is far more responsible for driving up our electricity bills than renewable energy.
Let’s look at the facts: Every nuclear project in Ontario’s history has gone massively over budget (on average by 2.5 times), and Ontario Power Generation is now asking for a 30% price increase for its nuclear power to start paying the massive costs of re-building its aging Darlington nuclear reactors. Meanwhile, the cost of solar and wind power accounts for only 7% of the average Ontario monthly electricity bill.
If Premier Wynne, Mr. Hudak and Ms. Horwath really want to reduce your electricity bill, they should promise to reduce our electricity costs by up to $1 billion per year or more by importing water power from Quebec and cancelling the high-cost, high-risk Darlington Re-Build Project.
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Thank you.

Angela Bischoff