Sept. 23, 2011

Rossi vs. Colle on nuclear

At an all-candidates debate in the Eglinton-Lawrence riding Wednesday night, we heard starkly different views of the wisdom of betting on new nuclear.

Liberal candidate Mike Colle was candid in admitting that nuclear energy’s horrendous history of cost overruns made it a poor choice for meeting our future energy needs, saying they would “bankrupt this province”, an interesting position to take given his party’s commitment to massive new nuclear expenditures.

PC candidate Rocco Rossi, on the other hand, characterized nuclear energy and its bloated costs as just another large construction project with cost control issues, without acknowledging that current nuclear projects at both Point Lepreau (New Brunswick) and Bruce (Ontario) are out-of-control and billions $$ over-budget.

Both the Greens and the NDP decried new nuclear in favour of renewables and conservation.

You can view the candidate’s responses here:

Liberal Candidate Mike Colle

PC Candidate Rocco Rossi

There are just 2 weeks left until the election (Oct. 6th). Please let all your candidates know what you think about planned nuclear expansion (up to 4 new reactors at Darlington AND 4 refurbished reactors also at Darlington), and email Rocco Rossi and ask him to sign the Electricity Consumer Protection Pledge.

Also, please order our election leaflets to distribute to your community (door-to-door, cafes and all-candidates forums). Make new nuclear projects an election issue! Bonus: every person that distributes these leaflets will get added to our draw to win one of two Festival Passes to Planet in Focus, Toronto’s environmental documentary film fest, Oct. 12-16.

Thanks for helping make nuclear energy an election issue.

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