July 25, 2006

 Safe to go outside?

Ah, summer.  Time to kick back and relax and enjoy all that Ontario has to offer.  Just don’t breathe the air.

The indefinite postponement of the coal phase-out (thanks Dalton) means that vacation planning in Ontario now comes with an added twist – how to avoid the worst of the summer smog.  To help you out with your vacation planning, we’ve thrown together a summer getaway calendar to help you safely navigate smog season (yes, we know we’re a bit late with this, but we thought the Premier was serious about phasing-out coal by 2009).

Our handy calendar tells you when the worst runs of smog days have been over the past couple of years and includes a useful map of the pollution plume from the giant Nanticoke coal-fired generating station.   So now you can head for the cottage or pack up the kids and the canoe safe in the knowledge that there is at least a 50:50 chance you might miss a smog alert or be out of range of the mercury, lead and particulates released by Nanticoke (Good luck with that — Nanticoke’s pollutants travel as far as the east coast).

Download your Summer 2006 calendar today from www.cleanairalliance.org and have a smog-smart vacation!

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