June 17, 2014

Say no to increase in fixed monthly hydro charges

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is proposing to dramatically increase the fixed monthly customer charges for Ontario’s residential electricity consumers.

The OEB’s proposal would increase Toronto Hydro’s fixed monthly customer charge for residential consumers by approximately 60% – from $18 to $30 per month. Hydro One’s fixed charges would rise to $60 per month – an increase of 80-260%.

The OEB’s proposal, which will be combined with lower local utility charges per kWh of electricity consumed, will force small customers to subsidize large ones and reduce all customers’ incentive to conserve electricity – it’s Robin Hood in reverse.

Reducing the ability of consumers to lower their energy bills by conserving energy is unfair and economically irrational. Energy conservation and efficiency investments will lead to lower electricity rates and bills for all electricity consumers by reducing the need for new high-cost generation projects (e.g., Ontario Power Generation’s proposal to re-build its aging Darlington Nuclear Station at a cost of at least $12.9 billion).

Read our new report about the OEB’s proposal: Doubling the Fixed Monthly Customer Charge. And read the Toronto Star’s piece on it here.

Click here to send a message to Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli to let him know that you are opposed to higher fixed charges. Tell him you want to be rewarded, not penalized, for saving energy.

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Angela Bischoff