Want to pay less for power?  Think the future lies with green power and efficiency and not with mega costly mega projects?  Then the Ontario Government needs to hear from you today.
This is the final week to make your views heard on the government’s proposed changes to its Long Term Energy Plan.  Here’s a quick recap of the good, the bad, and the ugly of what the government has outlined:
  • Conservation and efficiency finally get a little respect with a commitment to put these powerful options first before spending dollars on new electricity generating infrastructure. 
  • Renewable power is still slated to grow, but its true potential still seems to be vastly underappreciated.
  • There is little appetite for looking at importing power from Quebec because Ontario energy planners know this will be far cheaper and more reliable than their preferred nuclear projects.  No other real reason is offered for this reluctance to consider trading power with our closest neighbour thereby saving Ontario consumers more than $950 million per year.
  • There remains a starry-eyed view that somehow nuclear projects will be completed on time and on budget and a refusal to acknowledge that nuclear power is losing badly in competitive power markets ( e.g., markets without hidden subsidies).
  • The potential to grow our economy while saving money by using natural gas more efficiently is all but ignored.
Meanwhile, demand for electricity in Ontario continues to fall thanks to improvements in efficiency, a changing economy, and new technology.  The last thing we need right now is to lock into costly and inflexible nuclear mega projects.  We’re already paying Bruce Power millions of dollars a year to waste energy instead of producing electricity – let’s learn from our mistakes and embrace a clean, efficient and right-sized power system.

We’ve made it easy for you to submit comments.  Just click here to make your voice heard and help shape Ontario’s future!