We need your financial support to help us persuade Premier Wynne to choose the smart options that will actually lower our electricity bills and create a renewable energy future for our children.

Unfortunately, Premier Wynne has doubled down on the 1950s solution – nuclear power.  She is proposing to spend tens of billions of dollars to extend the life of Canada’s oldest nuclear station – Pickering – and to re-build 10 aging reactors at the Darlington and Bruce Nuclear Stations. According to Ontario Power Generation, this will cause its price of nuclear power to rise by 180% over the next 10 years.

This also means Ontario will essentially turn its back on its earlier efforts to build a renewable energy future for our province. Already, the Wynne government has cancelled plans to build more green energy in an attempt to divert attention from the electricity supply glut created by keeping the aging Pickering Nuclear Station running.

Instead of tapping the abundant, and zero emissions power of the wind, water and sun, we will remain dependent on inflexible, high-risk nuclear reactors (while absorbing the inevitable huge cost overruns on reactor re-build projects) and continue to create large piles of radioactive waste that we don’t have anywhere to store safely in the long term.

Fortunately, there are lower cost, cleaner and safer options to keep our lights on, namely, energy efficiency, water power from Quebec and already competitive Made-in-Ontario green energy.

But we need your support to persuade Premier Wynne to say “no” to the nuclear special interest lobby and “yes” to a green electricity future and lower bills for Ontario’s consumers. Please click here to make a donation today.

Thank you!

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director

Jack Gibbons, Chair

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