August 29, 2011

Stop dirty new Canadian coal plants now!

The federal government has just released a draft regulation that will require the greenhouse gas emissions from new coal plants to be less than or equal to those of a mid-efficiency natural gas-fired power plant. This is an important step on the road to eventually phasing out all of Canada’s dirty coal plants.

However, Maxim Power is planning to commence construction in the summer of 2012 of a large new coal-fired power plant in Alberta that will come into service before July 1, 2015 and will therefore not be covered by the proposed new regulation. Allowing this large dirty coal plant to proceed will make it impossible to meet the Harper government’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 17% by 2020.

Maxim Power must not be allowed to undermine this important step toward controlling the climate destroying emissions from Canadian coal plants. Click here to email Environment Minister Peter Kent and ask him to advance the effective date of his coal plant regulation from July 1, 2015 to January 1, 2012.

Thank you for helping shift federal climate and air quality policy!

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director
Ontario Clean Air Alliance
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