December 14, 2006

Stop nuclear exports

Bruce Power’s plan to export electricity to the United States may be good for the company’s bottom line, but it won’t do much for the health of the people of Ontario.  With the government planning to keep coal plants burning to fill a phantom “power gap,” Bruce Power’s quest to send power to the U.S. means more years of smog and greenhouse gas emissions from our four remaining coal plants.  It also means that zero emission wind power projects on the Lake Huron shoreline will have to continue to wait for access to the provincial power grid.

If you think it makes little sense to use the publicly-owned Bruce Nuclear Station to generate power for sale to the U.S. and to tie up transmission lines with nuclear power exports, please make your views known to the National Energy Board (NEB), which will be considering Bruce Power’s application for a power export licence in January 2007.

If you want to file an official submission to the NEB, you must address it to the Secretary of the Board and fax it to 403-292-5503 or submit it electronically on their website at (click submit a document).  If you’d just like the NEB to know that you have deep concerns about Bruce Power’s plan, send an email to board Secretary Michel Mantha at  It won’t count as an official submission, but should get their attention if enough emails are received.  The deadline for submissions is January 2, 2007.

Please pass this message on to your friends.

Thank you

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