Sign our petitionAre you concerned about rising electricity costs? Do you think the Government of Ontario should be doing everything it can to keep your electricity bills in check?  Then you need to support our call for safer and lower cost alternatives to Ontario Power Generation’s risky plan to rebuild its aging Darlington Nuclear Station.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) wants a 30% increase in the price it is paid for nuclear electricity to fund the re-building of its aging Darlington nuclear station. But we don’t need expensive power from re-built Darlington reactors — we can import low-cost, renewable water power from Quebec instead..We can get electricity from Quebec at less than half the cost of electricity from re-built Darlington reactors. 

Sign our petition!

Sign our petition opposing OPG’s increase and calling for the government to negotiate a lower cost deal for Quebec electricity imports instead. Sign the petition right now and tell your friends about it too!

Find out more about OPG’s 30% rate increase request and its potential impact on your electricity bill by reading our OPG’s Money Grab factsheet.

Here are just some of the key facts from the factsheet:

  • OPG estimates power from a rebuilt Darlington Station will cost 8.6 cents per killowatt hour
  • Quebec is currently exporting electricity for approximately 4 cents per killowatt hour
  • We can replace 86% of the power coming from the Darlington Nuclear Station with electricity from Quebec using current transmission lines — no need for costly new infrastructure
  • Quebec has a growing power surplus and is about to bring two big new generating projects online
  • Quebec can free up even more low-cost hydro electricity for export by improving energy efficiency in the province.  Currently,Quebec has the highest per capita electricity usage in the world.

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