Enbridge Gas is seeking permission to build a large gas pipeline in the City of Hamilton, including through the ecologically important Beverly Swamp. The proposed pipeline would be 10 kilometres long and four feet in diameter. The pipeline’s right-of-way would be 28 to 30 metres wide, equivalent to an eight- or nine-lane roadway. 

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According to Enbridge the pipeline is needed for two reasons: First to facilitate the ramp-up of electricity production from Ontario’s gas-fired power plants’ by increasing imports of fracked gas from Pennsylvania. This would increase greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution from these plants by 400% between 2017 and 2025 (not factoring in GHG emissions released during the fracking process itself). Second, the pipe would allow Pennsylvania fracked gas to flow through Canada to U.S. utilities in Maine and New Hampshire.

Our factsheet explains why this pipeline is not needed and why we should be investing in zero carbon alternatives liked increased energy efficiency and clean water power imports from Quebec instead.

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