Storing highly radioactive nuclear waste along the shore of Lake Ontario is a bad idea. Storing it in commercial warehouse style buildings is even worse. Building new storage buildings even closer to the lake is worst of all.

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Yet Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is now asking the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) for permission to build substandard radioactive waste storage buildings right along the water’s edge!

It’s time for the CNSC to stand up for safety, and order OPG to build proper above-ground, attack-resistant, reinforced concrete vaults onsite to contain its ever growing pile of radioactive waste – and to situate them further back from the lake.

This waste is not going anywhere anytime soon. Leaving it in conventional warehouses right next to the source of drinking water for millions of people is completely unacceptable.

Let the CNSC and our elected leaders know that you want safer storage for this waste.