Giant private utility Fortis Inc. has abandoned a plan to build a transmission line under Lake Erie to export gas-fired power from Ontario to the United States. This is good news for Canadians because Fortis’ wrongheaded project was being backed by the Canadian Infrastructure Bank and by the Government of Ontario despite the fact that it would obviously result in increased damage to our climate.

It is time for our federal and provincial governments to think more clearly about where their financing is needed. Expanding transmission links with Quebec is a much better use of low-cost public finance than backing a polluting gas-power export project. The Canadian Infrastructure Bank needs to put its money behind projects that can make a difference in the fight against climate change, not make things worse. And the Government of Ontario needs to stop ignoring what Quebec has to offer when it comes to helping this province kick its climate wrecking gas habit.

Please send a message to federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, Ontario Energy Minister Todd Smith, your MP and your MPP encouraging them to put financial muscle to work on reducing climate damaging emissions, not increasing them.