Building a clean, green grid

Ontario can have a 100% renewable electricity supply by 2030 by improving energy efficiency, continuing to develop Made-in-Ontario green power, and signing a long-term power trade agreement with Quebec.  This 100% renewable supply would be lower cost and lower risk than expensively re-built nuclear plants.  It would improve local power reliability, particularly in the face of climate change, and ensure Ontario continues to be a leader in developing energy efficiency and renewable power solutions that are in huge demand worldwide.

Does Bruce Nuclear re-build make sense?

The OCAA's review of the Ontario Government's contract with Bruce Power to rebuild up to six reactors finds that the stated cost of the contract is really only a preliminary estimate. What happens when costs inevitably balloon beyond initial estimates (as they have for every nuclear project in Ontario's history) is largely unknown More

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Quebec electricity would save Ontario consumers $14 billion

Ontario can save more than $14 billion by importing electricity from Quebec rather than re-building the Darlington Nuclear Station. It's time for Ontario to sign a long=term deal with Quebec. More

A Picture Is Worth Billions

Ontario has many lower cost options for meeting its electricity needs than rebuilding old nuclear reactors. Our factsheet demonstrates that the decision to rebuild 10 aging reactors makes little economic sense. More

Achieving our climate goals while lowering our energy bills

Ontario can introduce carbon pricing while lowering energy bills for citizens and businesses by importing low-cost water power from Quebec. More

Avoiding another nuclear debt trap

Mr. Clark: Stop this underperforming crown corporation from wasting more money on bloated nuclear projects. More

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