Creating Local Power Solutions

Helping communities meet their own energy needs with local power solutions is a far better approach than relying on large centralized generating plants and gas pipelines.  We can use everything from solar power and geothermal heating to combined heat and power systems to make our energy use more efficient and lower polluting emissions.  A local power approach will also make our communities more resilient in the face of increasingly severe storms caused by climate change.

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Keeping Toronto's Lights On

A new plan for how to meet Toronto's electricity needs, is being developed. This is an important opportunity to improve on the current plan, which fails to put in place the building blocks for a modern energy system in Canada's largest city. More

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Combined heat and power system

Toronto on the Electricity Edge

Toronto on the Electricity Edge: Toronto currently generates less than 2% of its own power. If we want to keep the City's lights on, we need to rapidly increase distributed power generation throughout the city More

A Case for Accelerating the Rollout of Small-scale CHP Projects

This case study gives an example of a small-scale, distributed, natural gas Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant and suggests how this option can play a significant role in the solution to Ontario’s energy dilemma. More

Tower of Power

Many large multi residential buildings are small communities and it increasingly makes sense for these facilities to look at meeting some or all of their power and heating needs internally through combined heat and power (CHP) systems. More

Can your hospital operate during a blackout?

The vast majority of Ontario’s hospitals cannot operate at full capacity during a blackout for two reasons. First, the capacity of their emergency diesel generators is significantly lower than their peak electricity demand. Second, in the event of a prolonged blackout they may not be able to obtain a continuous supply of diesel fuel. More

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