The Ontario government is planning to build new gas-fired power plants and ramp up the greenhouse gas pollution of the province’s existing gas plants by more than 300% by 2030 and by more than 600% by 2040. This is exactly what our climate does not need now, especially from a province that is doing little to take achieving climate targets seriously.

Left to its own devices, the provincial government is going to turn back close to half of the greenhouse gas emission gains we made by phasing out dirty coal at the worst possible time. And just as alarmingly, these new gas plants will be much costlier than using more climate friendly solutions, such as importing power from Quebec, providing incentives to shift power demand from peak hours, and using power stored in the batteries of thousands of electric vehicles.

Unfortunately, the government and our provincial electricity system planners seem determined to make our climate problems worse while also increasing hydro bills for Ontarians already struggling to keep up with inflation.

That’s where Prime Minister Trudeau can make a big difference for the people of Ontario. The federal government is developing a Clean Electricity Standard that could stop Ontario’s terrible plan to build new gas plants or rely more on existing ones. But this regulation needs to be passed without loopholes that would allow the continued construction of polluting gas plants before 2025.

You can help get climate action back on track in Ontario by supporting our call for the Prime Minister to pass strong clean electricity regulations that will force Ontario to take lower cost and lower emissions alternatives to gas seriously. You can send a letter in just a couple of clicks using the action tool on this page. Your letter will be copied to NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, reminding him that his party’s support for the Liberal government should require strong action on climate. It will also be sent to your federal MP.

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