Keeping the ancient Pickering Nuclear Station running for another four years is a terrible idea. This old and unsafe nuclear station should have been shutdown years ago and keeping it running endangers the millions of people who live around the plant.

Pickering’s non-fuel operating costs are the second highest of any nuclear plant in North America, so keeping this relic running is no bargain either.

The idea of once again extending the life of the third-oldest nuclear plant in North America speaks volumes about a government that lacks vision and is willfully blind to better alternatives, including increasing use of low cost renewable energy, restoring energy efficiency programs that it cut for incredibly shortsighted reasons, and finally taking the repeated offers of low-cost power from our neighbours in Quebec seriously.

The only idea worse than keeping the old and unsafe Pickering Station running would be to spend tens of billions of dollars rebuilding it. We need a modern green approach to meeting Ontario’s electricity needs – not a blast from the past.

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