March 26, 2009

Thank you Dwight Duncan

Today Ontario’s Finance Minister, Dwight Duncan, announced that effective July 1, 2010 electricity, natural gas and home heating oil will be subject to the 8% provincial sales tax.

Raising the price of energy is the single most powerful and cost-effective tool to promote a culture of conservation. For most Ontarians, reducing energy use by 8% is as simple as better insulating and draft-proofing their homes through the federal-provincial EcoEnergy program (visit the website to see how you can qualify for generous incentives and tax credits). Switching to high-efficiency lighting (CFL or LED) and EnergyStar appliances will help offset higher electricity prices (and there is no provincial sales tax on qualified EnergyStar appliances purchased before Sept 1, 2009). Households with an income of $160,000 or less will also receive $1,000 to offset the increased cost, which will help low-income families in particular. A single person with an income of $80,000 or less will get $300.

Higher energy prices will also create jobs in Ontario. First, the higher price for energy will stimulate spending on energy conservation and efficiency. Second, by reducing our demand for energy, the sales tax will reduce the outflow of Ontario dollars and jobs to the U.S. to purchase dirty coal for our electricity generating stations and to Alberta to purchase oil from the Tar Sands and natural gas.

Please contact Minister Duncan at and thank him for his bold action to move Ontario towards a greener and more prosperous economy.

Please pass this message on to your friends.

Thank you.

Jessica Fracassi, Communications & Membership Director
Ontario Clean Air Alliance
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