March 18, 2008

The 14,000 MW nuclear gorilla

Thanks to the Ontario government’s recent decision to procure up to 14,000 megawatts (MW) of supply from new or refurbished nuclear power plants, nuclear power will have a stranglehold on the province’s electricity supply system.  While the government talks about “balance” the real story is that 14,000 MW represents about 72% of the province’s current electricity demand. And that means that cleaner supply sources, such as renewables, conservation programs or combined heat and power, will be left fighting over mostly scraps.  Given what we know about the high costs of nuclear power, these other sources will also have to fight for funds as nuclear takes up an equally disproportionate share of the province’s electricity budget. 

Our new fact sheet, Ontario’s impending nuclear monopoly, cuts through the smoke to reveal just how dominant nuclear will be in Ontario’s electricity future if the government proceeds as planned.  It also lays out recommendations for a fairer and more balanced electricity supply procurement process.  You may download the fact sheet by visiting and order copies to distribute from

Please contact Ontario’s Energy Minister, Gerry Phillips, at, and ask him to establish a competitive procurement process for obtaining new electricity supplies.

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