The end of an era

The two tall stacks at the gigantic Nanticoke coal fired power station came tumbling down today. Nanticoke was once the largest coal-fired generating station in North America – and Canada’s biggest air polluter.

As a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions, smog pollutants, and toxic heavy metals, Nanticoke’s stacks belched contaminants across Southern Ontario and the north-eastern USA for 40 years. We fought for a decade to get a legally-binding commitment to close Nanticoke. Many thought we would never succeed, but in 2013 the giant plant burned its last chunk of dirty coal.

Ontario, thanks to the vision of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance and allies like you, was the first jurisdiction in the world to move away from using dirty coal to generate electricity to help our climate and our health. Now many other places are following in Ontario’s footsteps. (See Morgan Freeman’s 5 min. video on our successful campaign here.)

Today is a day to celebrate this huge accomplishment and also to look to the future – a 100% renewable future. Let’s get going.

Thanks for your support!

Angela Bischoff, Director