The future is renewable

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The Ford government has cancelled green energy projects, carbon pricing and incentives for climate action, like purchasing electric vehicles and insulating your home. Instead, it is spending billions on yesterday’s technology – outdated and expensive nuclear power.

To fight climate change, we need today’s technologies – zero emissions renewable power, energy storage and smart energy-efficient technologies – not last century’s nuclear stations.

Ontario can grow green! With the help of Quebec’s large and growing surplus of low-cost water power, Ontario’s own energy efficiency expertise and leading-edge energy storage and renewable power companies, we are more than ready to plug into a climate-friendly electric future.

Let’s stop wasting billions on yesterday’s technology and move to a green future.

We need to make Ontario a leader in green technology!


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The world is changing − fast

The world is on the cusp of huge changes to our energy systems.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance projects that the world will transition from getting two-thirds of its energy from fossil fuels today to getting two-thirds of its energy from renewable sources by 2050.

In this period:

  • Solar power will increase from 2% to 22% of world supply
  • Wind will increase from 5% to 25%
  • Nuclear energy will remain stagnant and show no growth

Bloomberg New Energy Finance – New Energy Outlook 2019


Electric Vehicles race ahead

Electric vehicles will “take off” in the 2020s and will be the most popular vehicle choice by 2040, according to Bloomberg.

  • Passenger EV sales will rise from 2 million worldwide in 2018 to 56 million by 2040
  • Conventional passenger car sales will be cut in half over the same period (and may have already peaked)
  • 81% of municipal buses will be electric by 2040
  • Electric vehicle uptake will continue to be driven by incentives and fuel economy regulations over the next 5-7 years until economics take over


Benefiting from the clean economy

Canada is already seeing the benefits of this transition.  According to Clean Energy Canada, growth the the clean energy sector outpaced growth in the general economy by more than 30% between 2010 and 2017.  

  • In 2017, clean energy accounted for 298,000 jobs in Canada
  • These jobs are more stable than jobs in the general economy
  • Investment in industries like smart controls and energy storage has doubled over the past decade

Clean Energy Sector Trends

Clean Energy Canada – Tracking the Energy Revolution, 2019

How has the Ford Government responded to these trends?

Ontario is clearly moving in the wrong direction.  We will all pay for the province’s shortsighted actions with a slower growing economy and fewer jobs.  


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