October 11, 2006

The heat is on

It may have felt like summer this weekend, but the reality is that winter is around the corner.  So this is a great time to be thinking about what you can do to make your furnace run more efficiently or, more ambitiously, to upgrade your heating system.  (And remember, even your gas furnace uses coal-fired electricity for its fan, so increasing its efficiency contributes directly to phasing out coal while reducing reliance on fossil fuels).

We will have an online chat about getting the most from your furnace this Friday from 1 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. with Vince Copestake of Union Gas.  Bring your questions about filters, fans and thermostats to www.gocleanandgreen.org and click on Ask the Expert (this chat was originally scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 12th, but has now been changed to Friday, Oct. 13th).

We had a lot of interest in our chat last Monday about solar hot water systems and many folks had problems logging into the chat room.  Bob Fisher has kindly agreed to take any further questions you have by email at contact@cleanairalliance.org.  A transcript of the discussion is also available at the www.gocleanandgreen.org site.

And remember, Sunday midnight is the final deadline for recording points to increase your odds of winning one of the great prizes in our Go Clean and Green energy challenge.  Dreaming of hooking your home up to green power, putting a solar hot water system on the roof or loading up with great new appliances?  Now’s the time to take action to save energy and increase your odds of winning.

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Thank you

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