The hidden story of the dangers of Pickering

The Toronto Star has published an excellent story covering our new report that outlines the horrendous consequences of a Fukushima-scale accident at the Pickering Nuclear Station. The story explains how a huge swath of Southern Ontario would be affected by radioactive fallout from such an accident. It also highlights how hundreds of thousands of people would lose their homes – and tens of thousands would face terrible cancers – if the 47-year-old Pickering Station suffered a fate similar to Fukushima’s.

Help us spread this story widely so that the millions of people living in Pickering’s shadow understand the risks they face from this aging – and enormous – nuclear station. We also need Ontarians to understand that these risks are entirely unnecessary – we have many safer and lower cost options for keeping the lights on, including importing power from Quebec.

Please share the Star’s coverage with everyone you know so that we can have an informed and honest discussion of whether Pickering’s licence should be renewed this August – at high public cost and risk – we don’t need another rubber stamp approval.

Thank you.

Angela Bischoff, Director

P.S. Join us on Thur. March 15, 7 p.m. at the Pickering Central Library Auditorium for a public presentation and discussion about the dangers and alternatives to the Pickering Nuclear Station. We will also be livestreaming the event on OCAA’s FB page.

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