September 5, 2006

Three out of four candidates support a coal-free Nanticoke by 2009

Three of the Parkdale-High Park by-election candidates — Cheri DiNovo of the NDP,  David Hutcheon of the Progressive Conservative Party, and Frank de Jong, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario — believe that the Government of Ontario should issue a legally binding regulation requiring the phase-out of coal burning at the Nanticoke Generating Station by 2009, according to an Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) survey.
The Liberal candidate, Sylvia Watson said: “I support shutting down coal fired generation in Ontario as soon as possible, but believe that the reliability of our energy system should be our primary concern.”
The Nanticoke Generating Station, on the north shore of Lake Erie, is Canada’s No. 1 air polluter and the country’s single largest source of greenhouse gases.  Ending coal burning at Nanticoke would be the equivalent of taking 3.3 million cars off the road. 
Converting Nanticoke’s boilers from dirty coal to cleaner-burning natural gas will permit the phase-out of coal-burning at Nanticoke by 2009 without reducing Ontario’s electricity generation capacity.
If you live in the Parkdale-High Park riding, please speak to the candidates about this issue and attend the upcoming all-candidates meetings.  (For full candidate responses, see our website at ).
For more information about ending coal burning at Nanticoke, see our pamphlet and backgrounder available on our website at .

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