Chronicle Journal
April 14, 2012
Paul Filteau

Tie North to existing, new sources of power

Re Water Power The Way To Go: Alliance — CJ, April 9:

While the Ontario Clean Air Alliance may be proposing importing water power from Quebec as the way to go in Northern Ontario, maybe we should consider a made-in-Northern Ontario solution first.

Why not have a tie line right across Northern Ontario that connects to existing power dams, wind and solar farms, co-generators as well as hydro-electric power from both Quebec and Manitoba? New sources, such as geothermal, especially in mining communities with deep, warm undergrounds and near large bodies of cool water such as Lake Superior have been long overlooked. Since expansion of power dams is destructive to the environment, then using power from our own damsites and imported hydraulic sources as well as improving their efficiency would help meet the needs of northern communities and the new mines coming into production.

The advantage of having a made-in-Northern Ontario solution means we could withdraw from the nuclear debt (we don’t use nuclear power in the North nor do we benefit) that appears on our bills and cheaper hydraulic power from Manitoba and Quebec would be attractive to new and existing mining, forestry and other manufacturing. Further, there wouldn’t be any transmission lines built such as the one to Wawa without public consultation.

Let’s put Northern Ontario power generation and transmission first to meet our own needs. This means real economic development and not importing nuclear waste.

Paul Filteau
Thunder Bay