Ontario has an option

While Ontario waits to see if the federal government will go dutch (at the expense of taxpayers across Canada) on new reactors for the Darlington nuclear station, this is the time to be pushing forward with cleaner and greener options. 
Our new pamphlet Ontario has an option: Plentiful Clean and Green Power Is Lower Cost and Lower Risk than Nuclear tells the story in a nutshell. Clean power options can provide more than three times the electricity needed to replace Ontario’s aging reactors. These options are also far lower cost than nuclear, with savings ranging from 5-14 cents per kilowatt hour (you currently pay about 6 cents a kWh for the electricity generation portion of your hydro bill). 
Help us spread the message that Ontario has many, many better options than nuclear and that more taxpayer-funded subsidies for nuclear (whatever government they come from) is the last thing we should be considering given our current financial circumstances. You can order pamphlets to deliver to your friends, families, groups, etc., by clicking here