June 16, 2006

Toronto Hydro does it again

The ink is barely dry on the Ontario Government’s announcement that it is essentially abandoning the coal phase-out and betting virtually all its chips on high cost, high risk nuclear power when Toronto Hydro steps in again with another innovative program to reduce electricity demand. 
Doesn’t Toronto Hydro know that conservation is impossible, that it can’t be counted on to deliver power (now that is, not 10 years from now like your average new nuclear plant), and that Ontarians cannot match Californians or New Yorkers when it comes to using energy efficiently?
The province’s leading conservation utility obviously hasn’t swallowed these myths as it is now applying to the Ontario Energy Board for permission to run an innovative “10/10” program. 
The idea is simple – cut your electricity use by 10% between July 15th and September 15th compared to the same period last year and Toronto Hydro will give you a rebate equal to 10% of your total electricity bill  No forms to fill out, no numbers to call, you just do it — save energy, save money and protect our health and the environment. (Hot tip: check out www.gocleanandgreen.ca for a bevy of ways to reach that 10% target without breaking a sweat).
Combined with Toronto Hydro’s PeakSAVER program to cycle off air conditioners (if you haven’t signed up yours yet call 1-877-487-8574.) and other innovative programs, this is the kind of thinking that could actually take Ontario forward – instead of backwards to the “big generation, big consumption” culture the provincial government seems determined to pursue.
Once again, we urge you to call Premier Dalton McGuinty at  416-325-1941 and ask him just what it is his government doesn’t get about the tradeoff between high risk, high cost nuclear power that won’t be available for a decade or longer and efficiency programs such as 10/10 that can deliver power now without leaving a legacy of debt and radioactive waste (even if the Premier thinks it can be kept in a box).
The government says it does not want any interference with its plans to pursue nuclear energy. In particular, the government wants to avoid a comprehensive environmental assessment hearing of its lopsided energy supply plan.  You have a right to be heard on this issue – 416-325-1941.

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