This factsheet looks at why small de-centralized power projects in the central city are a better option for meeting Toronto’s power needs than building a disruptive and expensive high voltage transmission line through Scarborough, Leaside and Riverdale. 

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Additional information:

February 2010 letter from Mayor David Miller to Energy Minister Brad Duguid supporting the development of combined heat and power systems in Toronto as an alternative to a 3rd line.

July 2007 letter from David O’Brien, CEO Toronto Hydro to Councillor Paula Fletcher stating Hydro’s preference for an alternative to a new transmission line

February 2010 official submission from Toronto Hydro to the Ontario Energy Board stating that it is "agnostic" about the proposed transmission line.  See pages 5-8 and, in particular, paragraph 19.

April 2007 Globe & Mail article: Miller slams proposal for transmission line – Province should focus on conservation before building new plants, mayor says
April 2007 Globe & Mail article: Plan for new hydro line has opponents buzzing – The 26-kilometre-long line, running south from Markham, could be operating by 2012