Trump not running in Simcoe North – but we are!

Donald Trump is not running in the Simcoe North provincial by-election, but while that means you may not have heard as much about this electoral contest, it doesn’t mean it is not a race worth watching.

New provincial Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown is running to try to gain a seat in the legislature. The Liberals, NDP and Greens are not about to hand it to him, so the race is on (ending Sept. 3rd).

A big question for voters in Simcoe North – and people across Ontario – is which candidates will endorse making a long-term deal with our neighbours in Quebec to import low-cost water power versus who will cling to the myth that nuclear reactor rebuilds are a good deal. When you open the lid on 30-year-old reactors, costs just have a habit of going through the roof as you deal with replacing miles of radioactive tubing and other dangerous challenges. If there is one thing we can do to control rising electricity costs, it is to get off this nuclear cost overrun escalator.

The OCAA thinks the people of Simcoe North (and Ontario) deserve clear answers on whether the candidates would pursue the more sensible option of cooperating with Quebec. After all, our neighbours to the east have the lowest power rates in North America and a growing surplus of clean water power available for export, power that is available for 99% of the hours of a year (which is much more than can be said for the average nuclear reactor). If we cancelled the Darlington reactor rebuild project today, the savings reaped by working with Quebec instead would save Ontarians at least $14 billion, reducing all our electricity rates.

Quebec water power is also a faster, safer and more cost effective way to reduce our climate disrupting greenhouse gas emissions than rebuilding old, outdated and risky reactors.

We’re helping to raise this issue in the Simcoe North by-election by posting abillboard in downtown Orillia and broadcasting radio ads over the next couple of weeks (on Sunshine 89.1 for those of you in the area). However, we can’t match “the Donald” when it comes to deep pockets, so if you’re anywhere near the Simcoe North riding, please help us get the word out about this important issue. Order some of our free by-election pamphlets from me (even the Donald likes free stuff) and get in touch with me to discuss how you can help.

 Our Orillia billboard: