This presentation to the IESO (Nov. 2021) explains why Ontario should embrace vehicle-to-grid technology that allows us to use electric vehicles to store power in off peak periods and feed it back to the grid in peak periods.

It notes that:

1. EV batteries with bi-directional chargers are cheaper than gas plants for peak power
EVs are an enormous opportunity to lower electricity rates & carbon emissions
By 2030, EVs will have more than twice the capacity of Ontario’s gas plants
When all cars are electric, their gross discharge capacity (GW) will be more than 6
times Ontario’s total peak demand

Technical barriers to bi-directional charging have largely disappeared (with more bi-
directional-capable cars and chargers and million+ mile batteries)

This is urgent – it is cheaper to incentivize bi-directional charging now before
millions of “dumb” and “one-directional” chargers are purchased

View the presentation (pdf file)

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